Terrific Truffles

And when we say this, we really do mean it.  Mr. C. Bong, who scours Europe for the very finest in chocolate (what a terribly ardous job it is) has bought back over the years a number of different truffely delights - some of which we have offered to our discerning clientelle.  But none have hit the high note of these.  In fact, until now, the truffles remained hidden within our main site to be found by those who sought them out.  Now, so impressed are we with these, that they get their own website to tell you all about them!

The master trufflatier goes by the name of Luke.  He is not a Jedi but from the way he wields his knives and other kitchen implements, he might have been.  Luke takes his truffles very seriously.  Carefully blending the very finest of ingredients to achieve this exceptionally smooth, dark, rich and complex flavour that needs to be savoured and enjoyed... slowly.  Don't eat them to quickly, take your time and make them last.  Mr. C. Bong does, restricting himself to just one, or at most two a day.

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